Restore the power of balance to your body with e3 Fitness Grips. Anyone who wants to reduce repetitive stress from physical actions or wants to improve physical performance and strength or assist others in doing so needs the e3 fitness grip.

Developed to stabilize and properly align your body, the e3 grips improve your balance, posture, agility, and your ability to respond instantaneously in any direction. The grips dramatically increase muscular efficiency while decreasing stress and strain. And our 30 day money back guarantee lets you see for yourself that the e3 grips can help you walk, run, throw, play, and move better.

Whether you are an athlete, a senior, wanting to move without pain, or just interested in staying fit, the question is…

“What can the e3 Fitness Grips do for YOU?”

Running / Walking

e3 grips will help you run, walk, and jog with better balance and stability than ever before. This increased balance can result in reduction of back, hip, knee, and muscular pain while moving.


Hikers using the e3 grips enjoy improved balance, find ascents and descents require less effort, and can replace their heavy, bulky hiking poles and walking sticks in many hiking situations.

Neurological Disorders

Persons with disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s disease can show marked improvement in balance and movement by using e3 Fitness Grips.

Agility Training

Basketball, football, volleyball, and other floor and field sports players can use the e3 grips to increase their balance, mobility, and efficiency.

Computer Users

Deskwork and computer users can use the e3 grips for their relaxation breaks to relieve back, shoulder, and wrist stress. A single grip can be used during intensive “mousework” sessions.


Walk the course holding the e3 grips to enjoy the same balance, stability, and efficiency benefits as runners and walkers. Practice swing motions with the grips to learn the centered and balanced motion for use while playing.


Use the e3 grips for those poses and positions your exercises will permit to experience increased centering and balance. Beginners especially benefit.

Throwing Sports

Baseball, softball, discus, shot-put, and other throwers can train with an e3 grip in the non-throwing hand to throw farther, faster, and more efficiently.


Hold an e3 grip in your non-racquet hand and you will be amazed at the power and stability you feel moving to the ball, and striking the ball.

Martial Arts

Tai Chi, Aikido, and other disciplines can use the e3 grips to learn balance and train for efficient body motion. Hard style martial arts like Karate and Kung Fu experience improved punching, kicking, and blocking.


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