Bob Rowden (Marathoner)

E3 Grips Are AWESOME!!


I just wanted to say that I have been using my e3 Fitness Grips religiously since February of 2001. That is when my teammates from Team In Training and I were videotaped while running on the track at Sacramento State University during one of our workouts. I never knew how bad my form really was until the tape demonstrated how much my elbows went out and my hands crossed over. I also found that this improper movement was also indirectly causing my feet to point slightly outward as they landed, rather than totally forward.

Ever since then, the e3 Fitness Grips have improved my form dramatically — simply by helping me to keep my elbows in toward my sides and drive my fists forward, rather than crossing over. With the e3 Fitness Grips, I feel like I have so much more control. My workouts go more smoothly and I am much more efficient on my longer runs (this last part turned out to be very important, considering I ended up logging over 2100 miles in the 2001 calendar year).

In the past I would see my shadow on the ground and I thought that I just naturally had a funny looking running form. That is simply not the case today. I look like a real runner now.

I have also been injury free since using the e3 Fitness Grips. I am sure that improved running form has a lot to do with it.

Thanks for your great invention and for helping runners run happier and healthier.

Bob Rowden
Former Team-In-Training Mentor
Greater Sacramento Area Chapter
Fall 2001 California International Marathon
Sacramento, CA