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LOS ANGELES TIMES: A good fitness tool made better

Innovations to the five-toed shoe and kettle bell, among other items, may improve your workout. By Roy Wallack Gear February 14, 2014, 1:30 p.m. Better-balance gloves e3 Core Activation fingerless gloves: These gloves are designed to help improve your balance — and therefore, strength and speed. The design, from Sacramento biomechanist/Shiatsu massage artist Stephen Tamaribuchi, […]

Happy Holidays from e3 Fitness Grip & Michael Stember

While many of us ate our fill of turkey and mash potatoes this Thanksgiving, former All-American at Stanford, member of 2000 Olympic team, national indoor champion in the 800 and 2x silver medalist at the PanAmerican Games in the 1500 Michael Stember raced in the 18th Run to Feed the Hungry in Sacramento. “I started […]

Channel 3 NBC: e3 Fitness Grip

Power lifters and gym fanatics find the stabilizing effects of the e3 Fitness Grips improving their maximum lifts. Medical professionals also use them to assist with moving patients. e3 Grip was named one of the top ten products of the Men’s Journal in 2000. Who Is the Man Who Invented the e3 fitness grip? Stephen […]

Runner’s World

Reprinted from Runner’s World, August, 1999 You’ve heard of orthotics for the feet right? They can help biomechanical problems and make you a more efficient runner. But are you ready for hand orthotics? A new product called the e3 Fitness Grip claims to improve your running form by correcting alignment problems in your arms and […]

Sacramento Bee

By Doug Thurston THE GREAT OUTDOORS RUNNING Running is a simple activity that requires little learning. But good running form is not innate. There are few devices available to runners to help them improve their running form for increased efficiency and reduced injuries. A new running grip has been developed by a Rancho Cordova man […]

Ingenious New Device for Athletes and the Physically Impaired

Sacramento, CA (May 6, 1999) The e3 fitness grip, the dynamic new invention that improves the body’s biomechanics and impacts both the medical and sports world, has been developed by the Bay Area’s nationally recognized repetitive strain injury and acupressure specialist, Stephen Tamaribuchi. The e3 fitness grip consists of a pair of small tubular shaped […]