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LOS ANGELES TIMES: A good fitness tool made better

Innovations to the five-toed shoe and kettle bell, among other items, may improve your workout. By Roy Wallack Gear February 14, 2014, 1:30 p.m. Better-balance gloves e3 Core Activation fingerless gloves: These gloves are designed to help improve your balance — and therefore, strength and speed. The design, from Sacramento biomechanist/Shiatsu massage artist Stephen Tamaribuchi, […]

Runner’s World

Reprinted from Runner’s World, August, 1999 You’ve heard of orthotics for the feet right? They can help biomechanical problems and make you a more efficient runner. But are you ready for hand orthotics? A new product called the e3 Fitness Grip claims to improve your running form by correcting alignment problems in your arms and […]