EXERCISES: Improve your hip and knee mobility with a Supine Heel Lift

Welcome to our third installment of e3 Fitness Exercises!

The vast majority of people externally rotate the femur when elevating the knee to a perpendicular position. This necessitates body to laterally shift to un-weight the leg so it can elevate. In a supine position, bringing he knee towards the chest, you will notice that the knee has a tendency to move in an outward direction. Against resistance the external rotation is even more noticeable and the muscles that are the primary movers are on the outside of the thigh. Over a period of time the lower back, hip, and knee will have negative effects.

e3 Grip & Glove Supine Heel Lift

The Supine Heel Lift is used to program the muscles of the leg to perform a straighter contraction / extension when moving the leg. After the exercise repeating the knee elevation against some resistance the primary muscle recruitment pattern moves to the midline of the thigh.

This exercise can be done with the e3 Grips, e3 Gloves or the combination of the two and will help improve mobility in the hip and knee and walking and running.


NOW BOOKING: Consultations for Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries with Stephen Tamaribuchi

Stephen Tamaribuchi, one of the nation’s top consultants for prevention of repetitive strain injuries, invented the e3 grip technology as a result of twenty years experience in the field of human biomechanics, working with both sports athletes and “corporate athletes” suffering from repetitive stress injuries.

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