EXERCISES: Neutralize your flexion with this Mini-Squat e3 style

Welcome to our second installment of e3 Fitness Exercises!
Through out these exercises we will be using the e3 grips and e3 Gloves to aid in aligning and stabilizing the spine. This stabilizes the kinetic chain optimizing the muscle recruitment pattern in the arms and legs.

e3 Grip & Glove Mini-Squat

This can be done with the e3 Grips, e3 Gloves or the combination of the two and is designed to program neutral flexion at the ankle, knee, and hip at the same time. This exercise will improve mobility, balance, and strength by teaching the body to flex and in move in a pattern where limb movement occurs with minimal displacement of the joints affected during the movement.


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Single Pack e3 Grips (Regular Blue Size ONLY)
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