Runners Connects’ Run to the Top with Ben Greenfield recommends e3 Grips! interviews Ben Greenfield about Finding the Best Diet and Training Plan for You.

Check out Run to the Top Podcast where Ben Greenfield recommends his favorite running product, e3 Grips, which helps him bring his hips in proper alignment and activating his gluts on his TrueForm Treadmill.

“My running biomechanics have really been coming along. I feel very sound when I go out for my longer outdoor treks.”

Voted as the top personal trainer in the USA and one of the world’s most influential people in health and fitness for 2013 and 2014, Ben Greenfield – Fitness And Lifestyle Performance Coach is head coach at Greenfield Fitness Systems, an Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, nutritionist, and fitness coach. He holds masters degrees in exercise physiology and biomechanics, and advanced certifications in sports nutrition, personal training, and strength and conditioning.

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