Runner’s World

Reprinted from Runner’s World, August, 1999

You’ve heard of orthotics for the feet right? They can help biomechanical problems and make you a more efficient runner. But are you ready for hand orthotics?

A new product called the e3 Fitness Grip claims to improve your running form by correcting alignment problems

in your arms and shoulders, thereby smoothing out lower body movements as well. The result: You run faster and easier, with less chance of injury.

Skeptical? So was I, until I tried holding the grips while running on the road, trail, and treadmill. My hands felt comfortable, with my thumbs on top of each Grip, and, sure enough, I carried my arms straighter, rather than swinging them in front of my chest. The effect was subtle but very natural, and I actually felt better-balanced.

According to biomechanist Ray Frederickson, Ph.D., the Grips help prevent excessive motion of your hands and forearms, which tends to occur when your thumbs deviate from a vertical position on top of your hands.

In one study at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University, Fredericksen found that walkers and runners voluntarily ran a slightly faster pace when using the Grips.

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-Dave Sellers

Reprinted by permission from Runner’s World, copyright 1999, Rodale Press.