TEST DRIVE: 2600+ miles with the e3 Fingerless Core Activation Gloves

You asked for my feedback after my long distance driving experience this month wearing your e3 Fingerless Core Activation Gloves. We returned this weekend after driving to western Nebraska on I-80. Each day was a 600+ mile segment lasting ~ 9+ hours. I drove 2600+ miles wearing the gloves. This is the first trip I didn’t need my lumbar support pillow or needed to stop and stretch. I felt good, relaxed with minimal back fatigue. I got a bit stiff after several continuous hours but stretched my legs and changed my sitting position, but I didn’t need the lumbar support pillow I carry with me. I don’t know if it’s psychological or your padded gloves really do change the hand grip position on the steering wheel properly aligning my hand grip with my body – anyway – I was impressed with the experience, and will use the gloves again when we drive to Oregon next month.

Ron H., Sacramento, CA

image credit: Tm