Barbara Murray (Running Coach)

To: Mr. Stephen Tamaribuchi,

I just wanted to let you know how well your product works with athletes recovering from an injury.

I recently found out the benefits of your grips when I received a serious injury after a long training run.

While helping push a car to pop the clutch, I tripped and fell and the back wheel of the car ran over my foot!

Result, broken bone top of foot two broken toes torn foot ligaments and a sprained ankle. Stuck in a walking cast for eight weeks, I concentrated on maintaining my cardio by biking and increasing my core strength exercises.

Despite all my good intentions it was painful to use the leg very much and I could not bear weight on the foot or ankle so it got progressively weak. Long story short, when I got the Dr’s OK to stop wearing the walking cast last week and began running figure eights and then 1 mile a day I really noticed I was favoring the side of my body that had been injured. This week after the first day of increasing my mileage to 3, I realized how bad my form really had gotten. I grabbed the grippers for the next run and right away I noticed the difference. Even though the foot was still painful to run on, I was no longer favoring the injured side by leaning and turning the leg and foot inward.

My weight was once again distributing evenly and the run went much smoother with better forward motion.

This form correction will no doubt help to strengthen my foot muscles correctly and quicken my recovery time.

I am not trying to sound like an infomercial on your product, I just wanted to take the time to extend my gratitude to you on creating such a great sports performance enhancement tool.

Innovators like you really make a difference to the sport of running and other athletic endeavors.

P.S. I still would much prefer them in Red!

Barb Murray
Assistant Coach
AZTECH Human Performance Training