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Throwing Discus 20 Foot Improvement with e3 Grip

During the 2015 Junior Olympic summer season we were preparing our first time decathlete to compete in the Region 13 Multi-Events trials. He started throwing discus, for the first time, during the HS track season and was able to throw 101’. With form and balance being an issue; being right handed, we attempted to use […]

e3 Grips: Treatment for Vertigo

A few weeks ago my 90 yr old mother had an MRI. I stayed with her the entire time. At the end, when she sat up slowly, she experienced severe vertigo. Her arms flailed frantically in the air as if plummeting through space. I grabbed on to her to create steadiness but to no avail. […]

Bob Rowden (Marathoner)

E3 Grips Are AWESOME!! Steve: I just wanted to say that I have been using my e3 Fitness Grips religiously since February of 2001. That is when my teammates from Team In Training and I were videotaped while running on the track at Sacramento State University during one of our workouts. I never knew how […]

Michael McCormack (Triathlon Coach)

Ever since I first began running I have been a magnet for running injuries. Feet that are not bio-mechanically well-constructed produced a never-ending list of aches and pains; some annoying, others debilitating and long-lasting. Shin splints, fascial releases, chronic muscle pulls in hamstrings and calves, achilles tendon issues, knee pain, SI joint pain, etc. I […]

Mr. Rich Hanna (Ultramarathoner)

Ultrarunning Magazine’s 2001 Men’s North American Ultrarunner of the Year 2001 World 100km Ultramarathon Silver Medallist 2000 USA 100km National Silver Medallist 1994 USA 100km National Champion Co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Marathons” Rich trains and races with the e3 Fitness Grips