The e3 – Changing the Science of Walking and Running

Sacramento, CA (November 16, 1998)

The e3 grip (demonstrated at the California Physical Therapists Association Annual Meeting, October 2-5, 1998) is changing our understanding of how to improve body movement.

Immediate Results

Physical therapists all over the country are showing patients how to use the e3 grip to help them walk, get out of chairs, restore body movement, and to reduce joint and back problems. Rick Reitgraf, Senior Physical Therapist, Sutter Senior Care Center, Sacramento, CA, has been working with patients to improve their mobility. Rick reported, “The e3 grip immediately improved patients’ walking speed and confidence. The improvement was clearly visible for every patient.”

Improved Balance, Reduced Pain & Stress

Coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and doctors have long encouraged efficient body movement to maximize performance and minimize risk of sudden or repetitive stress injury. Inefficient jogging form is often revealed by the pounding, slapping and shuffling sound of joggers as they pass by. The e3 grip dramatically improves a jogger’s balance by producing an efficient running form, eliminating unnecessary pain and stress on the joints and back.

Experts Pronounce e3 a Major Breakthrough

Dean Brittenham, Director, Shiley Elite Athletic Excellence Health Resource Center at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California, stated, “I saw immediate and dramatic improvements in the running form and agility in the athletes using the e3 grips. I believe the e3 grips are a major breakthrough in improving athletic performance.” Beth Alford-Sullivan, Women’s Coordinator of Cross Country Track and Field, Stanford University, noted after a demonstration that the runners using the grips, “showed immediate improvement in each athlete’s running form and stride.” Peter Maher, 1988 and 1992 Olympic Marathoner, said that, “After using the e3 regularly, I have developed a far more relaxed and injury-free running form.” Peter also indicated that the soreness he was experiencing in his hips disappeared.

The Physics of Body Movement

The e3 grip is the product of over 20 years of research. Stephen Tamaribuchi, inventor of the e3 grip and President of BioGrip, Inc. has taken the science of human biomechanics to a new level. Stephen has helped both athletes and non-athletes to improve how they use their muscles to perform various activities from typing to sprinting. He found that the hand, fingers, and thumb as positioned by the e3, dramatically improves balance and posture throughout the entire body, resulting in increased agility, speed, and strength, and reduced stress on joints and risk of injury. Continued use of the e3 grip enables the body to retrain its muscles to ensure proper hand positioning and posture.

Effective for All Ages & Stages

Stephen stated, “My hope is that the e3 grip will allow people of all ages and physical condition to perform better in sports and daily activities. I particularly want to help people who are suffering from joint, balance, and mobility problems. I believe the e3 can significantly improve their quality of life.”

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