Throwing Discus 20 Foot Improvement with e3 Grip

During the 2015 Junior Olympic summer season we were preparing our first time decathlete to compete in the Region 13 Multi-Events trials.
He started throwing discus, for the first time, during the HS track season and was able to throw 101’.
With form and balance being an issue; being right handed, we attempted to use the E3 grip in the left hand to try and correct postural issues and well as release issues.
We trained for 3 weeks; with standing throws, half turns, three-quarter turns, South Africans, and full rotation using the E3 grip in the left hand about half of all the throws.
His sequencing improved each and every week and he was able to throw 121’ going into the decathlon trials. Without the E3 grips training aid; we believe he would have not been able to improve in the same time frame using the same training model.”
Jeff Galero, track coach for Casa Roble High School