Channel 3 NBC: e3 Fitness Grip

Power lifters and gym fanatics find the stabilizing effects of the e3 Fitness Grips improving their maximum lifts. Medical professionals also use them to assist with moving patients. e3 Grip was named one of the top ten products of the Men’s Journal in 2000.

Who Is the Man Who Invented the e3 fitness grip?

Stephen Tamaribuchi, while in college, sustained four severe injuries affecting his neck and upper and lower back. The pain was constant and pills offered only temporary relief. Nothing in Western medicine seemed to help. Then he remembered how his martial arts teacher used an ancient acupressure technique, known as Shiatsu, for some of the students’ injuries. Consequently, Tamaribuchi sought the best Shiatsu (acupressure) experts he could find. He became their student and studied with them for several years.

His pain disappeared finally after modifying the way he used his body, and he realized that chronic pain is almost always related to poor biomechanics and posture.
On the advice of his teachers, Tamaribuchi went on to advanced studies and became a Shiatsu acupressure specialist himself. For twenty years now he has treated many of the world’s great sports figures, including tennis champion Rod Laver, the late Rudolf Nureyev, and Dave Scott, triathlete and six times winner of Hawaii Ironman triathalon.

Wanting to help his patients and the athletes he treated, Tamaribuchi developed the e3 fitness grip. It can be held in any position, whether sitting, walking, or running. The improved body mechanics immediately puts the body into balance. Poor mechanics acts like dominos, creating instability starting from the thumb to the wrist, arm, shoulder, back and the rest of the body. By stabilizing the initial aspects, we can improve how the body performs.

Tamaribuchi states, “My hope is that the e3 fitness grip will allow people of all ages and physical conditions to perform better in daily activities and sports. I particularly want to help older people who are suffering from joint, balance, and mobility problems. I believe the e3 fitness grip can significantly improve their quality of life.”