Stephen K. Tamaribuchi

Stephen Tamaribuchi, one of the nation’s top consultants for prevention of repetitive strain injuries, invented the e3 grip technology as a result of twenty years experience in the field of human biomechanics, working with both sports athletes and “corporate athletes” suffering from repetitive stress injuries.

Stephen holds B.A. and M.A.degrees from California State University, Sacramento. He was trained by world renowned Japanese masters of shiatsu acupressure, Wataru Ohashi and Shizuto Masunaga, and has been practicing and lecturing locally and nationally for twenty years.

Stephen’s corporate clients have included Microsoft Corporation, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, California Self-Insured Association, Northern California Hand Therapy Study Group, Northern California Association of Radiological Technicians, Department of Industrial Relations, State of California, Georgia Pacific, the Department of Health Services, State of California, the Fleming Company, Radiological Associates, Office Ergonomics Research Committee (O.E.R.C.), and the Burton Snowboard Team.

Private clients have included Rod Laver, world tennis champion, Rudolf Nureyev, the great ballet star, Dave Scott, triathlete and 6x winner of the Hawaii Ironman Triathalon, and Tina and Michael Basich, world class snowboarders. Stephen can be reached through our Contact Page


Consultant for Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries:
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington
Hewlett Packard, Corporate and International Centers, Palo Alto
Radiological Associates, Sutter Hospital ROC, Roseville Hospital & Sacramento
Georgia Pacific, South San Francisco
The Fleming Company, Sacramento
Apple Computer, Cupertino
Department of Industrial Relations, Office of Self Insurance Programs, State of California
Department of Health Services, State of California: Key Data Operations and Accounting
A Major Insurance Company, headquartered in Illinois
Acupressurist & Asst. Trainer for Sacramento Gold, 1979 American Soccer League Champions
Acupressurist in Private Practice since 1978

Worked With:

Acupressurist for Burton Snowboard Team, 1997 U.S. Open, Stratton, Vermont
Rod Laver, tennis champion
Rudolf Nureyev, ballet legend
Dave Scott, triathlete, 6x winner of the Hawaii Ironman Triathalon
Acupressurist for CSUS Football Team 8 years, 1981-89

Lectures and Workshops:

Office Ergonomics Research Committee Meeting: Speaker, Compaq Computer, Houston, TX
65th & 67th Annual Meeting of California Self-Insured Association; Speaker, San Diego
5th National Conference on Integrative Medicine & Wellness in Allied Health: Lecture, San Francisco
Sacramento Regional Hand Therapists: Workshop at UCD Medical Center, Sacramento
Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable: Guest speaker, at Apple Computer
Apple Computer: “Global Environmental Health and Safety Meeting”
Northern California Hand Therapy Study Group: Workshop and lecture at Stanford University, Rehabilitation Center and Stanford Medical
School, Palo Alto
Northern California Assoc. of Radiological Technicians: speaker, Mercy Hospital, Sacramento
San Francisco RSI Support Group / San Francisco Peninsula RSI Group
Santa Rosa RSI Support Group / East Bay RSI Support Group
California State University Sacramento: Extended Learning, 6 years BRN acredited)
Sacramento City College: Community Education, Shiatsu and Stress Reduction, 5 years
California State Board of Registered Nurses: Acupressure workshop
Placer County Office of Education: special education instructors & school nurses
California State Office of Education

Media Coverage:

KCOP, Los Angeles; KHON, Honolulu; KCRA, KXTV, KOVR, Sacramento, KNBC, New York
Sacramento Bee
STICK Magazine October 1997
The Computer User’s Survival Guide. by Joan Stigliani, 1995, chapter 10
California Workers’ Comp Advisor, April 1995
Association of Repetitive Motion Syndromes Newsletter, April-May 1995
PM Magazine, national coverage
USA Weekend Magazine
Runners World


California State University, Sacramento, B.A. 1973
California State University, Sacramento, M.A. 1974
Studied Shiatsu. with Wataru Ohashi, author of Do It Yourself Shiatsu & Zen Shiatsu
Studied Shiatsu with Shizuto Masunaga, author of Zen Shiatsu


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